How Long Does It Take to See CoolSculpting® Results?

Coolsculpting is a natural way to sculpt the unwanted fat pockets you have tried to eliminate with dieting and exercise.  Coolsculpting is non-invasive.  This cutting-edge treatment works by freezing the fat cells directly under the skin, which allows your body to naturally expel them.  Thousands of men and women use Coolsculpting as the go-to treatment to target fat pockets and achieve their ideal body contours.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This incredible treatment was made available in 2009 as a safe, alternative way to eliminate unwanted fat pockets.  Coolsculpting freezes the fat cells with a high-tech, high-quality machine with minimal downtime or discomfort.  Coolsculpting begins as a treatment in-office which targets fat cells, and over time your body continues the work as it expels the frozen fat cells and helps you achieve a more contoured appearance.

Over the span of four weeks, you will typically begin to see the effects of your Coolsculpting treatment as they develop.  Coolsculpting works for both men and women, but the areas that are treated may vary accordingly. The FDA recognizes these ten problem spots as the most effective areas to sculpt:

  1. Stubborn belly fat
  2. “Love handles”
  3. Upper thighs
  4. Lower back
  5. Back or bra area
  6. Upper arms
  7. Under chin; a double chin
  8. Under the buttocks or the “banana roll”
  9. Side flanks
  10. Knees

How Long Does the Elimination Process Take?

Initially, the appointment time varies but may be cut down if you are a candidate for a DualSculpting procedure.  DualSculpting refers to using multiple machines to treat different parts of the body simultaneously.  This all can be determined during your consultation with our MDSkin Body Contouring expert.

The entire process after your initial treatment will take approximately three months for your body to flush out all the frozen fat cells. Once these frozen fat cells are eliminated, they will never return!

After you complete your treatment, you have the option to repeat the process for even more definition.  You will be required to wait for the full three months, so your results can be measured by our body contouring expert.  Most patients require 1 to 3 treatments per treatment area.  Around 25% of the fat cells are eliminated from the treated area with each Coolsculpting treatment.

With no extreme dieting or exercise, most patients see improvement after one or two treatments. The Coolsculpting process is not a weight loss process, but our MDSkin team is dedicated to helping you eliminate fat cells and target problem areas you might have in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting at Sculpting Scottsdale

Interested in learning more about a Coolsculpting or Cooltone procedure? Find out more on our Sculpting Scottsdale site, where you can book an appointment with our MDSkin body contouring experts and read frequently asked questions by our patients.

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