How Long Does CoolTone® Last?

Cleared by the FDA in June 2019, CoolTone® is an entirely non-invasive body contouring procedure for toning and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Used for many years in rehabilitation therapy, the CoolTone device passes electromagnetic energy into the targeted muscles via magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). This causes muscle contractions similar to those achieved during an intense workout, but at a far greater intensity and rate. With just 30 minutes of MMS, CoolTone can produce results that are otherwise impossible to achieve.

Why Choose CoolTone?

CoolTone produces entirely natural-looking results. With this procedure, there’s no cutting, no tissue removal, no downtime and no risk of scarring. Rather than excising unwanted fat, this treatment firms the targeted areas up. It creates massive amounts of muscle definition. Best of all, as new muscles are built, calorie needs increase and natural fat-burning abilities are optimized. This makes it the perfect way to target stubborn trouble zones. With CoolTone, nearly 100 percent of the targeted muscles can be contracted. In comparison, even an aggressive gym workout can only contract about 30 to 40 percent.

Why CoolTone Works

During a single session, the CoolTone device can stimulate and contract your muscles up to 25,000 times within just 30 minutes. Compare this to the number of squats or lunges that you can reasonably complete within this same amount of time. It’s certainly not surprising then that CoolTone can far outperform the benefits of rigorous exercise. However, if you have yet to receive your very first CoolTone treatment, you’re probably wondering how long the results of this procedure last.

How Long Do CoolTone Results Last?

Most people feel and see marked results after just a single CoolTone session. Additional improvements will be seen as more sessions are completed, and as the targeted muscles strengthen and heal. If you maintain a healthy diet and a routine exercise plan, your CoolTone results can last up to six months. After this time, however, you’ll need to have follow-up treatments performed to maintain your muscle gains. At MDSkin Lounge, we recommend scheduling CoolTone follow-up appointments once every two to four months for optimum results.

Is CoolTone Right for You?

CoolTone is an excellent body sculpting procedure for many people who are at or near their ideal body weight. This treatment works best when there is less than 8 cm of subcutaneous fat covering the target zone. This allows the magnetic energy from the CoolTone device to effectively reach and stimulate the targeted muscles.

CoolTone can firm up flabby inner and outer thighs, lift and volumize sagging buttocks and tighten the abdominal muscles. This treatment can quickly streamline and refine the physique, and with virtually no discomfort or downtime. With CoolTone, your clothes will fit, look and feel better adding all around more confidence.

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CoolTone is one of the most transformative options on the body contouring market. To schedule a consultation, or to find out if CoolTone is the right procedure for you, call MDSkin Lounge or fill out our online form.


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